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Growth of income of American hotel course of study drives furniture demand to in
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Develop quickly in world economy today, the United States regards the world as leading sheep of economy, its make whole world person of the same trade look at with new eyes in the actual strength of tertiary industy service industry, and among them what American hotel course of study experienced 911 episode is low after confusing, begin to create brilliant history afresh.

2006, the profit before the duty of American hotel industry exceeds the 22.6 billion dollar in the past far, reached 25.8 billion dollar record-breakingly, the gain before the duty 2007 blazes new trails again tall, reach 28.1 billion dollar, today bright two years, the business income of American hotel course of study also will be added respectively mix to 135.8 billion dollar 147.9 billion dollar.

In the world that announced 2005 10 old hotel run a group in, the United States held the 7 seat in 10 banquet in all, this includes Shengdate among them (the 2nd) , 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers (the 3rd) , high-quality goods international (the 5th) , Hilton (the 6th) , optimal west (the 7th) , be fond of amount to house (the 8th) , get stuck and. The United States is sure to increase the demand of pair of relevant hotel furniture, offer capacious market prospect for hotel furniture enterprise.

Purchase the requirement of the plan according to American government, american attestation association suffers federal of subordinate of total arrange of American office management to supply bureau entrust, plan to undertake to hotel furniture project emulative purchase. Hotel furniture includes sofa of stool of desk of tea table of dresser of chair of ark of TV of chest of guest room of ark of the head of a bed of bed of guest room of furniture of hotel whole set, hotel, hotel, hotel, hotel, hotel, hotel, hotel, hotel, hotel to wait a moment. The charge budget that this the hotel purchases an item is 2 ten million yuan the RMB comes 3 ten million yuan RMB.

American government is the whole world is the greatest purchase business, bought each thing belongs to running stores, probably 9 years in should undertake repetition purchasing, this kind of repeatability has profit to Chinese enterprise, let an enterprise arrange production to have but the rule of abide. It is to be helpful for our country enterprise crossing the country is managed and develop an international market; 2 it is the competitive strength that is helpful for improving domestic company; 3 it is to be helpful for what product of our country enterprise enlarges pair of international markets further having rate.

American attestation association is ligament with “ product, the market is oriented ” , make the internationalization figure of Chinese enterprise with all one's strength, advocate: Thorough market, assure benefit, linkage of politics look forward to, model a brand. American attestation association will hand in hand enterprise of furniture of domestic numerous hotel, what create job of 21 centuries furniture jointly is brilliant!
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