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Change of headquarters of celebrity city hotel is added to Chengdu investment to
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Shake hind and autograph of black sheep area are made an appointment with

Celebrity city hotel (China) the vice-president Wu Jie that limited company is in charge of investing, on the calling card that imprints newly recently, the address of company home headquarters became Chengdu. On June 5, formal autograph makes an appointment with celebrity city hotel and black sheep area, increase investment 100 million dollar from 45 million dollar, moved domestic headquarters Chengdu from Hangzhou.

Chengdu is very safe

Go back to work of a few days of projects after shake

Celebrity city hotel (China) limited company is management group of chain of famous public house, leave in and other places of Hangzhou, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Nanjing 5 stars class interlinks a hotel. 2005, they with 140 million patted be located in south people the China ground edifice of the road, began to be in the investment of Chengdu is prelusive.

In eye of Zhejiang person Wu Jie, chengdu is a city that is worth investment, in ministry of whole Chinese and Western, chengdu property price is not particularly tall, and the competition of hotel course of study is not as intense as the eastpart part, have bigger business chance. The most important is Chengdu it is a consumption city, it is southwest travel distribution centre. These advantages can drive stream of people, content flow, have very big stimulative effect naturally to the development of hotel course of study. The company was patted again after taking next China ground large buildings encourage a large building completely, prepare to work energetically in Chengdu.

This year in March, the company's newest macroscopical strategy is initial place, they plan to increase in the investment of Chengdu, go to the domestic headquarters change that is in Hangzhou originally Chengdu, the plan makes national company base, still plan to appear on the market. The China ground large building that takes before this name edifice of the iron in celebrity, new consolidate, begin to decorate.

After shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, the project that Wu Jie thinks to invest in Chengdu is done not have necessary stop, because Chengdu is not,go up in seismic belt. The Wu Jie that the university learns the history is very clear also, chengdu 3000 had not produced an earthquake for years.

On May 14, he is entered still not the edifice that construction is over handles official bussiness. On May 17, one paper is relevant testimonial of issued building quality safety makes the branch all employee gave up misgive. On May 21, the project is formal go back to work, all employee perch, one also is done not have little.

Headquarters change arrives Chengdu

Investment is added to 100 million dollar

On May 12 that evening, wu Jie is mixed car of a drive drives the friend toward Jiang Yan provides disaster relief. He follows everybody changes wounded person together, seek a person. After a week, wu Jie and friend bought the goods and materials such as fluid of water, food, disinfection to come again together Jiang Yan provides disaster relief. Provide disaster relief twice this experience, let Wu Jie realize: Providing disaster relief is short-term action, force of an a person, firm is finite, but invest in Chengdu, let someone else have hope to Chengdu, it is a long-term job however.
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