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Hotel of edge of 25 yuan of west lakes stays in low and vogue one evening
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Dozens hotel of Chinese front courtyard is old cheap the card churns economy hotel has situation

Need 10 minutes only on foot to the west lake, the price of all rooms all is in 99 yuan the following, cost of accommodation of lowermost average per capita is not worth 25 yuan... yesterday, group of hotel of Chinese front courtyard the 3rd brand -- the first inn of hotel of Chinese front courtyard is in Hangzhou practice, achieved the market minimum price of economy of west lake edge hotel.

The personage inside course of study exclamations, afterwards " my hotel " , " flummery hotel " later, hotel of Chinese front courtyard just is the biggest " catfish " . Its occurrence, be sure to churn the existing pattern of market of Hangzhou economy hotel, quicken pair of low end the contention of the market, and the day of traditional society hotel perhaps is met more sad.

Low and vogue

Capture " knapsack a group of things with common features " heart

Hotel of Chinese front courtyard, " hide " in Chinese front courtyard quick at the back of the inn that protect 俶. In 146 rooms of this three-layer small building, mutual collapse collapse the room of rice room, shop of on any account, big bed room various room that is aimed at diverse demand, but entire store all implements 99 yuan single room price, holiday does not rise in price.

According to bed area size, somebody spot estimation, room of shop of on any account can hold 4 people at most. Also mean 4 people person of the same trade, one person should cost 25 yuan only, can be in one evening lives by the side of the west lake.

The reporter understands, tighten the Chinese front courtyard that be next to quick hotel, the price between mark is 219 yuan of one evening, during the golden week again rise 60 yuan. Such price, to undergraduate and so on " knapsack a group of things with common features " for, bear a bit hard apparently.

"Although we still are in,try business phase, but book on the net rate already special tall, there already were nearly 100 rooms to order during the golden week at present went out. " Xu Jie of general manager of hotel of Chinese front courtyard introduces.

Although the average area of the room is controlled in 10 square metre only, but 3 functions area lies between the area defending bath that has independence, Morpheus area and office area, satisfied accommodation requirement of the guest adequately. What make person Jing colourful most is, every room has the caricature theme wall of a Zhu Deyong, lie on the bed, also can the edge sees Bian Le.

What differ with the contracted style of guest room is, the public facilities of the hotel criterion can says " luxurious " : Hotel the area that in each building additional monarch gives a nearly 100 square metre, serve as respectively read online area of hall of room, movie and TV, computer, playroom, coffee freely etc, still introduced nowadays in recreational area even most WII of game equipment Ren Tiantang.
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