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Hotel of the first theme of Chinese is interlinked -- fast good home
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By handler of professional investor, senior hotel, brand chain manages expert of expert and actual effect sale to form core operation group jointly, hold to " innovation, overflow, client is oriented, lead " core viewpoint of value, respect purpose of diversity reside abroad, no less than by Speed (fast) + Super (super) + Su (fast, old) form fast place of good home label is shown, will " fast... the manner of the service; Good... the character of the service; ... the consideration of the service " blend in each service in the round, total heart makes a subject meeting place type serves mode, pay close attention to and satisfy the life demand that has social vigor multitude most, of the creativity of contemporary and social life that is diversity provide thematic space, make reside abroad person the house that attributes ego interest is able to enjoy to stop in the atmosphere of powerful humanitarian consideration experience, and with this perfect deduce thematic life. Fast good home-----Devote oneself to to make hotel of Chinese economy high-quality goods interlink the first brand, change the professional point of view that high-quality goods changes with the theme, to long to had particularly itinerary people to offer one can recall boundless platform.

Fast good home (Beijing) general of limited company of hotel chain management has 4 to serve platform greatly: Include fast hotel of good home business affairs, fast hotel of good home high-quality goods, fast good home hotel and fast business affairs of good home electron. At present fast good home (Beijing) hotel chain runs limited company hotel of the first high-quality goods -- the country exhibits inn, official already start business. This inn with " chocolate " design for thematic style, reflect everywhere " chocolate " romance and passion, in this elegance, warmth, in the thematic world that is full of love, coffee of the elegant display of device art, years burning passion the nature of the garden in classic and nostalgic, Babylonian sky only beautiful, make you open-eyed at here choiceness is chic and the design detail that show originality, let your feeling be like family here like caress heart to heart, make you exclaim brings you strong visual impact at designing an element individually, the infinite daydream that lets you leave you at different room madly...

Fast hotel of high-quality goods of good home theme, vogue of grade individual character lives, it is the new model of reside abroad lifestyle.

Fast good home, attribute your interest, belong to your life!

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