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Happy event of 57 top class hotels amounts to reopen hurricane of house set up s
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Future will be in Guangdong 3 years set up shop 8, zhongshan, suitable heart row set up shop chooses the ground fully

Current, happy event amount to house to manage 45 hotels in China, in addition still 57 new store wait to open business.

Below the old structure that envelops in economic dark clouds, the old man of top class and costly hotel people appetent however be in China hurricane dart.

"We just signed a group in Beijing the 100th inn, prospective 2-3 year 57 hotels will open newly in China " , this Zhou Er, be fond of the China that amount to house and Taiwan area operation Qian Jin of senior vice president is accepted in Shanghai when interviewing, disclose, although home encounters the many sudden incident such as snow calamity, earthquake, 90% above finished the hotel that group of Dan Xida house is in China to anticipate outstanding achievement index, wool interest rate also maintains in 50% the left and right sides.

Be fond of dart of the hurricane that amount to house is an epitome of international hotel tycoon only, its backside tagger is numerous -- , make enlighten the Zhu Meila of costly hotel group that does obeisance to hotel of caique of 7 stars class starts new outspread plan, waiting for urban optional location in Beijing, Macao, Hong Kong, Guangzhou at present. And Xierduji is round criterion will with dilate of 4 times speed Chinese area hotel, will introduce afterwards " Kanglade " later another costly brand.

"This word is true, luxury card suffers economic big environment not easily to affect " , really such? Newest data shows, completely beautiful luxury is consumed the 2nd season drops this year 20% , confidence of consumer luxury consumption falls to come to nearly 5 years lowest, the good luck that I wish these are costly,hotel tycoon differs like that in Hua Youjiong.

Before 2010 9 new brands are entered China

"This year first half of the year, we already experienced the atmosphere of economic depression, but plan of established set up shop won't be changed " , in Shanghai person Qian Jin looks, current, home is driving still to the brand demand of international hotel.

"Survey of market of economy chain hotel ever also had been made before us, but our core advantage still is centered in luxurious hotel market " , qian Jin discloses, a month, be fond of Da Wugang to just signed the contract of the 100th hotel in Beijing, press this speed, its will be in prospective 2-3 inside year China opens 57 hotels newly. Among them, banner inferior card " happy event will ascend " appropriative main force, will leave give 22; After therewith of end of brand of blessing friend hotel, will open 12.

Besides, the happy event such as hotel of auspicious of restaurant of Weisiting, W, luck amounts to house group banner to issue costly brand to all will be in many cities embark upon a political venture.

Qian Jin discloses, to 2020, china estimates the journey outside will outputting condition of 100 million much person-time every year, for current 3 times much, make land of origin of the journey outside the condition of global the first of all thereby.
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