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Intercontinental hotel group will not be reached in China development target
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Hotel group will not achieve intercontinental to decide the target that 125 public houses offerred in China before the bottom 2008 formerly, but will seek at the same time capture Olympic Games opportunity to obtain short-term carry brace up.

This owns hotel of intercontinental hotel, imperial crown holiday (CrownePlaza) and holiday hotel (the British group of HolidayInn) shows 12 days, give domestic economy the effort that drop in temperature as a result of the Chinese Sichuan earthquake May and Chinese government, the likelihood will not achieve the group to decide a goal formerly.

Intercontinental hotel group shows, at present its are in China the hotel is 95, have 7 among them the home is firm at going up the month is opened in Beijing, prospective 2-3 year still will offer 93 public houses. Intercontinental is the biggest hotel group that makes in Chinese business.

Executive president AndrewCosslett is in say in outstanding achievement brief first half of the year, intercontinental hotel group is possible cannot telesis, but will come true 2009 in China offer 125 public houses.

He expresses, of Chinese government drop in temperature act has brought about hotel of 5 stars class open business pace puts delay, short-term in-group will pay attention to the end in developing holiday hotel to wait more market brand.

Cosslett discloses say, 3 public houses that the group offers in Olympic Games village had been ordered entirely full. Intercontinental hotel group has 16 public houses in Beijing.

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