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Intercontinental carries quick holiday hotel to appear on China first
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On August 24, 2007 international are concessionary join in (Shanghai) exhibition pulled open heavy curtain in Shanghai. As be used exclusively by accredit of USCOMMERCIALSERVIEC of American Department of Commerce the concessionary management exhibition that its indicate, since 2004, already held successfully 3 years continuously. This exhibition introduces accredit idea first, quick holiday hotel appears on the one large window that China also is exhibition first.
Introduce accredit idea first
It is the development that promotes accredit course of study to be in China, contented and potential investor is right the demand of diversified economy mode, china interlinks management association to introduce accredit idea on current exhibition first, build the platform of communication for investor and accredit business. Accumulate through exhibition of 10 years, we have high grade investor database, will undertake to accredit business brand conduct propaganda and business are extended have much better and good press action.
Brand accredit is the brand that points to accredit business to have his or act as agent, brand, figure, award with the form of the contract just be used by accredit, obtain a license to use fee thereby (Royalty) . The license makes expense holds the one share of accredit commodity sales revenue.
Quick holiday hotel appears on China first
Gelinhaotai, fast ginseng of the economy such as the 8 hotels, quick holiday hotel, hotel that be like the home hotel exhibits enterprise number to achieve all previous new tall. Among them intercontinental hotel group runs one of groups as world the biggest hotel, to extend home concessionary management market, introduce concessionary mode, concessionary idea, the quick holiday hotel that carries one of brands of inn of banner go with wine also is what appear on China first is concessionary join in exhibition.
Business affairs of peaceful of case forest a person of extraordinary powers interlinks a hotel
Gelinhaotai (limited company of GreenTreeInn) hotel management is by the United States the partner of a certain number of groups that cross a state establishs together. Group partner head period invest dollar of 2 ten million, 2 period invest dollar of 100 million 2 ten million, have in a when Chinese home builds brand-new what manage and serve a concept is tall savour, hotel of the business affairs that tall sex price compares chain.
Join in hot line: 862136174886 turn the enterprise develops a department
If domestic hotel is interlinked
If domestic hotel is interlinked in June 2002 by Chinese asset the biggest hotel group -- group of hotel of capital travel international, China's largest hotel fraction sells business -- joint investment of firm of service of the journey that carry Cheng is established. The company draws lessons from mode of the economy in Euramerican and perfect maturity hotel, offer for the guest such as business affairs and recreational journey " clean, sweet " hotel product, advocate " modest living, natural and comfortable " life concept.
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