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2008 world-famous hotels manage company tendercy
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1. intercontinental
Two outstanding centers are opened in Beijing, Shanghai, promote the profession of hydrotherapy division in order to train skill, intercontinental future plans to open hotel of hydrotherapy of 30 tea tree newly inside two years (Tea Tree Spa) , the tea tree hot spring that builds in area of Australia, big China, Indonesian, Malaysia and Thailand hotel amount breaks up two times. Half the number exceeds to will be in in new hot spring public house practice of big China area, because the consumer of this area is right,the demand that hot spring hydrotherapy experiences is upsurging increasingly, the hydrotherapy service that public house of new tea tree hot spring rolls out is paid attention to and accord with current life style and client be fond of, make the hotel lodges more overflow.
The repackage of holiday brand includes brand-new service acceptance, redesigned guest to reach store experience, brand-new the berth of guest room design and brand mark sex and bath product, all showing already practice and the holiday hotel in be being built reach quick holiday hotel to all will go up at was being changed before the bottom 2010 brand-new label. Guest room bedding will be united to be white, eiderdown and soft hard two kinds comfortable sleep pillow, guest room bathroom will be deployed have super- strong hydraulic bath flower is aspersed and more high quality bath things.
2. Wen Demu
Leave piece fast 8 new guest room, main characteristic has desk setting wall contemporary feeling full and the colour of straightforward style is tie-in, build a gentle, easy living environment at the same time; Headboard art design designs brand of divisional and other economy restaurant with intense poor dissimilation. Choose the picture that has local distinguishing feature selectively, so as to delivers brand concept; It is the fixed platform that sets mattess design technically, absolved clear the trouble of the floor below the bed, reflected the design concept of contemporary whole; Particularly custom-built bedspread is double-faced design, when making a bed, can contract in head fold, avoid bedspread to come up against clean sheet and pillow, this kind of practice makes the client feels find everything new and fresh, feel the bed is more clean, easy at the same time with warmth. Be able to bear or endure additionally the bedspread of dirty fabric make it facilitates clear, managing also upkeep cost; In the door the entrance is in a setting muti_function ark, it is to place engine of the key, coffee, the optimal place that undertakes the mobile phone charges. Muti_function ark lower part can place small freezer and microwave oven selectively; TV wall and muti_function assorted ark becomes an organic whole repeatedly, the rack of open mode replaced traditional drawer, convenient clean sanitation, also prevent a guest to forget article; Guest room ground uses vinyl floor board (optional choose) , convenient and clean, sound insulation effect is better. The carpet that the client can feel to this kind of floor compares a tradition is cleaner, class is higher; The mesa of basin of toilet wash one's hands and face designs two when stagger up and down, the Gan Shuang of superstratum mesa can maintain when use. What lower part of mesa of basin of wash one's hands and face installs is multilayer towel shelf replaced drab towel rack; Bath crock periphery lays colophony of porcelain of high quality copy, accumulate contamination not easily, not easy mildew changes, convenient clear, when guest room is transformed, can be in directly already had lay on ceramic tile. Completely beautiful many 1890 fast the standard establishment of 8 hotels and service project have provide smokeless room, accept of all kinds credit card free and settle accounts, wireless get online, offer ice machine, offer self-help to traffic the colour television that contains film channel is offerred inside machine, guest room safe is set inside machine, guest room, . The member hotel of American home is passed fast the passenger source that 8 networks book already occupied the 60% above that book entirely. And " fast 8 " the website that encourages a client to pass group oneself is booked directly, book a network at tripartite relatively, group oneself books a website ( offerred privilege has assure lowermost room valence, just ask to pay a room the money when leaving store (the room pays the money while tripartite orders room website to ask to book normally) , cancel and change is booked do not need additional collect fees (if be in restaurant definitive, exchange restaurant, meal freely, hire a car to reach go vacationing product.
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