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Big Ning Fupeng is fond of Lai Dengcheng to be Teaohui operation center
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By Shanghai big peaceful Fu Pengxi ascended group hotel to learn recently, its already were made an appointment with at was in Shanghai to be signed formally with world special Olympic Games on August 16. Be fond of the hotel that amount to house to reach go vacationing whole situation of village international group is sponsorred world summer is special 2007 Olympic Games, happy event of friend of blessing of Shanghai big peace will enter group public house will be the operation center during games.
As we have learned, 2007 worlds special Olympic Games will on October 2, 2007 - hold 11 days in Shanghai. This Teaohui is world summer games is held in Asian area first, also be in the United States the country beyond is held the 2nd. Besides joining many 7000 athlete of the meeting, special Olympic Games anticipated world summer 2007 will attract 40 thousand volunteers and 3500 officials, and come from world each district, by tens of thousands family member, volunteer, audience and media reporter.
The athlete will be in the Teaohui of all ability level the contend in the project of Olympic Games sports of 24 different types, these sports projects include: Aquatic sports, track and field, badminton, basketball, ground casts ball, bowling, cricket, bicycle, dragon boat, horsemanship, rugger (football) , oarage of golf, gymnastic, handball, judo, skin, weight lifting, round slippery, caique, softball, ping-pong, tennis, volleyball and. It is reported, the global partner relation that was fond of group of the hotel that amount to house to had announced last year its make by a definite date of world special Olympic Games 3 years in December and the summertime world special Olympic Games that were about to hold in Shanghai 2007 are exclusive the message of hotel sponsor. Among them, assistance means includes capital and happy event to amount to house group to be sponsorred with the objective of goods acting money.
Origin: Daily economy news

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