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China day hotel falls again 3 " city " quicken dimensions dilate
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Company president Chen Jiming thinks, outputting management only is insufficient, do not invest to collect administration fee only, the profit of 3 two percent is very poor; And after adopting capital to run, feel just like a fish in water of China day hotel, a few public houses that buy at present, because carry out property right type to be managed independently, the effect is first-rate.
Company Dongbi Tang Jinjun tells a reporter, henceforth, the company is returned in a planned way, measure ground chooses to save inside and outside each are big in city, pass buy land or buy on hotel of dimensions apartment type, investment develops hotel and estate, among them the residence and apartment type hotel will make work to export.
Tang Jinjun expresses, make full use of hotel development and management experience, and hotel brand advantage, through resource conformity, advantage complementary " hotel estate " integrated development runs mode, creativity of value of farther promotion company and gain ability.

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