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China day hotel falls again 3 " city " quicken dimensions dilate
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Have the honor to win " the group of 30 native land restaurant that 2006 China have dimensions most " the Hua Tian hotel of the title, begin to quicken dimensions dilate. Announcement of 27 days of issuance board of directors make clear, company not only hotel of Hua Tian of developing zone of economy of class of sanded country of star of building of honoured guest of hotel of Yang Huatian of beneficial of Hunan of in succession development, Hunan and hotel of Changsha Hua Tianyuan 3 hotels, and accessary development invests circumjacent real estate, protruding shows " hotel estate " development feature and new profit pattern.
According to introducing, hotel course of study and real estate correlation are spent taller, have certain depend on sb or sth for existence to spend. Landed development can improve area environment, those who drive circumjacent economy, consumption is active; The build of the hotel and manage the form a complete set that can raise establishment of the life inside area and grade, especially the property management of astral class restaurant develops a sale to provide strong safeguard to estate. China day hotel manages a dominant position by right of well-known trademark advantage and good hotel property, can provide high quality service and management for uptown region. This kind is given priority to with hotel course of study, drive the pattern that real estate develops near the hotel, mirrorred hotel course of study and real estate resource to share, the characteristic with complementary advantage, announced company henceforth establish " hotel estate " development feature and new profit pattern.
The company emphasizes at the same time, this kind have specific intention " hotel estate " develop pattern, control a partner with the company Hua Tianshi course of study accuses an estate development inside scope of operations of group limited company to having apparent difference, also do not belong to same pattern, nonexistent a person of same business competes.
The feasibility that does to afore-mentioned project place according to the company considers to report, after predicting afore-mentioned projects are finished, will add net embellish newly to make an appointment with 78 million yuan for the company 2008. 3 afore-mentioned projects predict to part to threw operation 2009 at was being mixed 2008.
As we have learned, china day hotel established hotel of China day international to run a company 1995, begin hotel collectivize to interlink development, at present the company already owned chain hotel 18, in becoming south the hotel that the area outputs brand management the earliest. In last few years, the company interlinks development more obtained revolutionary span, already came true by provincial the strategic move that the city develops to countrywide center city, in and other places of Beijing, Wuhan successive and mandatory a few hotels.
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